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Today, stress is a common problem in everyone’s life. Most of us face so many complications with the stress. We see that stress is also one of the reasons causing some diseases like diabetes, autoimmune disease, arthritis, etc.., To get rid of these diseases stress management is important in today’s life.

How is diabetes caused due to stress?


Whenever the person feels stressed a hormone is released in the human body called cortisol. The cortisol hormone increases the uptake of glucose into the bloodstream. Because whenever the person feels stressed human metabolism can be increased and energy needs are increased. Long-term duration of stress can lead to increases in the glucose in the bloodstream. Also, the cortisol hormone affects the pancreatic cells which release the insulin. Finally, the stress leads to increases in the glucose in the bloodstream.

How meditation can help to decrease diabetes?

Meditation is a relaxation response that we give to our body. When we can relax the body, the stress hormone cortisol level will be decreased. The body’s metabolism will get into the normal condition. The blood glucose level will be under normal level. The pancreas can release the insulin without any effect. All this happens by doing the meditation. Through meditation, we can control the diabetes.

What is the best time to do the meditation?

According to the experts, the morning from 3:00 Am to 6:00 Am is the best time for doing the meditation. Because at the time our mind is fresh and the disturbances from the family are also less. But, nowadays waking up in the early morning is also difficult for people because of their work timings and work shifts. Whenever people are not able to do meditation in the early morning they can do it after completing their work or before going to sleep or whenever they are comfortable at that time also they can do that. Because meditation can reduce the stress whenever they do.

Tips while doing the meditation.

  • First thing while doing the meditation is to choose a comfortable position, like sitting standing lying down, etc..,
  • Then after that concentrate on your breathing. Whenever you will do the breathing slowly and deeply inhale the air and slowly release the air.
  • While doing the breathing only concentrate on inhalation and exhalation. If you get any thoughts while doing the breathing just let it out and concentrate.
  • If you are at the starting stage then do it for 5-10 mins initially and gradually increase.


Reducing and managing stress can be helpful in decreasing the chances of getting health complications like diabetes, fatty liver, cholesterol, etc.., Meditation can help reduce the stress. Along with meditation, regular exercise, and a proper diet can help to lead a balanced life.

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