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Mangoes are a more delicious and healthy fruit that is liked by many people. Especially in summer, everyone gets to taste the mangoes. Diabetic people also have the desire to eat mangoes in summer, but due to carbohydrate content, they think before taking the fruit. Most of the diabetic patients have fear regarding taking the mango fruit. But it is wondering if diabetic people also include mango in their diet. We will discuss this in detail in the given below.

Can diabetic people include mangoes in their diet?

The answer to this question is yes, diabetic people can include mangoes in their diet. But in a small quantity is advisable. Portion control can help to keep the blood sugar level under control. Whenever diabetic people include mangoes in their diet, they will also include some of the protein sources along with it. Mostly lunch is the best time to include mangoes.

Nutritional value of mangoes

Mango is one of the fruits which contain the majority of the nutrients.

  • Energy -74 kcal/100 gms.
  • Carbohydrates -16.9gm/100 gms
  • Fiber-0.7gm/100 gms.
  • Fat-0.4 gm/100gms
  • Protein -0.6 gm/100 gms 
  • Vitamin C-16 mg/100 gms 
  • Carotene – 2713 µg/100 gms 
  • Niacin -0.9 mg/100 gms.
  • Magnesium -270 mg/100gms
  • Potassium -205 mg/100 gms.
  • Iron-1.3mg/100 gms.

It also contains other substances like polyphenols, anthocyanins, and carotenoids, which help in anti-oxidant, anti Inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Who can avoid mango?

People who have high blood glucose levels can avoid mangoes and people can check the blood glucose level before consuming the mango. If the patient has a high blood sugar level can avoided. People who have uncontrolled sugar levels can also avoid consuming mangoes. People who are allergic to the mango cannot be safe to consume.

Precautions while eating the mangoes?

  • Please check the sugar level before consuming the mango.
  • Do not take any cool drinks or sweets after consuming the mango.
  • Do not eat the mango in between the meals and at dinner time.
  • When consuming the mango take the slice along with peel.


Finally, mango fruit can be included by diabetic people in their diets. It contains full of vitamins and minerals and other properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. Diabetic people can include mango safely in their diet, but only 100-150 grams along with some protein food is recommended.

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