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Early detection of diabetic symptoms helps with effective treatment

Early detection of diabetic symptoms helps with effective treatment

A loving family and a rewarding professional life, and my future looked brighter than ever. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Neglecting early diabetic symptoms brought me to a place where I couldn’t do anything for long, even minor tasks, with the same energy. But with the proper medication and lifestyle changes, I may reclaim my healthier version again. And this is not rare. In fact, every 1 person in 11 members in India will narrate the same diabetic story. India has about 77 million people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. It makes the country the second most affected in the world, after China.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is when your body experiences the inability to create insulin. Type 2 diabetes is when your body is insulin resistant. Apart from family history, a modern lifestyle plays a crucial role in developing diabetes. One should know the common diabetic symptoms to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Frequent urination

Kidneys are the filters of the human body, flushing out waste and toxic substances. When your blood sugar levels are high, kidneys extract it from the blood and flush it out as urine. So excessive blood sugar levels lead to frequent urination.

Increased thirst

Due to frequent urination, your body gets drained of crucial liquids. To compensate for that loss, your body needs to rehydrate more often. This causes you to drink more fluids, leads to urinating often, and the cycle continues.

Hunger and exhaustion

A diabetic patient’s body becomes incapable of using the insulin that helps glucose get into cells. The pancreas, an organ that produces insulin, releases more insulin. It makes you hungry. Also, you seem fatigued because of the inefficiency of your cells in utilizing glucose.

Blurred Vision

Blurry visions are one of the common diabetic symptoms. It happens because of sudden changes in blood sugar levels from high to low and low to high. You may experience sudden blurry visions because your eye muscles have not adapted yet to these changes. Your vision gets back to normal after some time.

Slow healing of wounds and cuts

Wounds and cuts don’t heal quickly in diabetic patients. High blood sugar levels make blood circulation slower. This prevents nutrients and oxygen from reaching and energizing cells. Slow healing also makes the patient prone to infections.

Abrupt weight loss

Weight loss is a very noticeable diabetic symptom. Many diabetic patients experience this condition as the cells in their body face difficulty absorbing energy from the glucose.

Numbness and tingling sensations

High blood sugar levels in the body cause nerve damage resulting in numbness, tingling, and burning sensation in arms, hands, legs, and feet. These are diabetic symptoms and are a sure sign to seek medical help immediately.

Keeping these diabetic symptoms in mind, one can identify and seek medical help at the right time. Wishealth, a lifestyle homeopathy clinic, helps to deal with diabetes effectively. They follow a one-of-a-kind approach to completely reverse diabetes with healthy lifestyle changes and personalized nutrition. If you are suffering from diabetes, the proper care starts here.

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