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Cool Drinks are the most enjoyable drinks. Especially in summer, the usage of cool drinks is more. Because we think that they act like a thirst quencher, they are liked by all the people. Diabetic people also have the desire to drink cool drinks in summer. But, is it safe for diabetic people? Let’s check this.

How can cool drinks affect the blood sugar level?

Most of the cool drinks contain added sugar. Whenever diabetic people consume cool drinks the sugar rapidly enters the bloodstream. Because the cool drinks do not take much time for digestion. The sugar concentration in the blood is immediately raised and increases the demand for insulin. The pancreas does not meet the insulin demand at a single time. It will lead to glucose not entering the cell. The sugar remains in the blood, leading to other complications.

Other health complications of consuming cool drinks.

  • Most cool drinks contain a substance called caffeine. This caffeine releases the dopamine hormone, which increases blood pressure. This will lead to heart problems.
  • Cool drinks contain phosphoric acid, which interferes with the absorption of some minerals in the small intestine, which leads to frequent urination and further leads to dehydration.
  • Cool drinks can increase uric acid due to the presence of more amount of fructose, which can build pressure on the kidney’s function.

Cool drinks can damage the tooth enamel, which leads to tooth decay and, also it can create some digestive issues in the human body.

Do the diabetic people drink zero-calorie drinks?

Zero-calorie drinks: Zero-calorie drinks are also sweet but they contain fewer amounts of calories and are considered as zero calories.

Zero-calorie drinks are made with some artificial sweeteners and they also contain some preservatives that are not good for healthy individuals. It is better to avoid zero-calorie drinks for diabetic people.

Alternate drinks for diabetic people in summer.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk contains beneficial bacteria that help in maintaining a healthy gut and it also helps to hydrate the body in summer.

Cucumber and carrot smoothie: Cucumbers contain more amounts of water content helps to reduce dehydration and carrots contain vitamin C. This smoothie does not spike the blood glucose level.

  • Basil leaves and lemon water
  • Chia seeds water,
  • Barley water,
  • Mint leaves water etc.., helps to hydrate the body and remove toxic substances from our body.


Taking cool drinks can increase the blood sugar level in diabetic people which leads to kidney damage, heart problems, etc.., Not only for diabetic people, but other people also better to avoid cool drinks. Instead of cool drinks opted for healthy options like fruits and vegetable juices.

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