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The PCOS treatments that lie in your daily routine and you might have not noticed

The PCOS treatments that lie in your daily routine and you might have not noticed

The majority of women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome do not have a routine. Daily routine chores, timings & consistency, are all in chaos for many women. And post-pandemic it’s gone bonkers. PCOS’s symptom’s main causes are lifestyle/circadian disruption/inconsistency. The disruption of lifestyle is due to the increased demands of modern daily living. The jobs are mostly desk jobs with continuous strain on the eyes, body & mind. There is no proper timing of the jobs either. Food habits also have changed a lot, with the consumption of processed foods. Food quality has also decreased as most of the plants & meats are chemically induced and artificially grown, thus decreasing their nutritional quality. Sleeping habits & timings have become inconsistent & decreased. PCOS treatment effectiveness is lessened due to such daily living habits.

The symptoms of which are weight gain, missed periods, irregular periods, or very light periods, excessive body hair, greasy skin or acne, baldness with a male pattern or thinning hair, infertility, patches of thick or dark skin behind the breasts, in the armpits, and on the back of the neck. Well, it’s about time you swap your daily routine habits. Read on to know how the right lifestyle changes are effective for PCOS problem treatment.

PCOS Treatment – Don’t sleep late at night, almost when the sun is about to rise

Yup, that’s right, night owls. The term “circadian rhythm” refers to continuous 24-hour periods. Your body makes an effort to match your sleep-wake cycle to environmental cues like when it gets light or dark outdoors when you eat, and when you exercise. So maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle is very crucial in effective PCOS problem treatment. You can binge-watch in the daytime.

PCOS treatment – Make your body move & groove

Don’t sit in the same place or position for too long while working, playing games, or studying. Exercises like brisk walking for short movement, jogging & running, or dancing are proven to be effective for PCOS treatment, as it increases blood circulation and heart functioning, sleep better & reduce obesity.

PCOS problem treatment –  Balanced diet on time

One of the main symptoms of PCOS is an increase in sugar levels(diabetes), leading to increased food cravings thus causing another symptom of weight gain. Reducing carbohydrate & sugar(processed) constituting food ingredients intake helps a lot in PCOS treatment. The recommended diet includes a range of foods from several food groups, including lean meats like poultry, fish, and high-fiber grains, as well as healthy carbs like vegetables and fruits. Maintaining consistent food meal timings is also crucial.

These are basic lifestyle changes you must notice for effective PCOS problem treatment, along with medications if provided by a doctor. The above-mentioned daily routine for PCOS treatments needs to be followed constantly for desired results. At Wishealth, we provide holistic natural lifestyle management plans along with effective homeopathy treatment for PCOS to help you maintain your daily routine changes consistently. Visit us or book a free consultation & get your lifestyle plans today!

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