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What can be done to avoid the diabetes in the future?

Today, most of the people in India are suffering from diabetes. Due to their busy lifestyles and stress, people do not concentrate on food. It will lead to health complications like obesity and diabetes. Now it’s high time to concentrate on the lifestyle. Making small lifestyle changes can help prevent diabetes in the future. In the below article, we will discuss this.

Limit all types of sugars.

The high amount of sugar consumption can lead to an increase in the glucose level in the body. This will lead to increases in the insulin needs in the human body. After a certain point of time, it will lead to insulin resistance, which is the first symptom of diabetes.

  • Limit the sweets, pastries, cakes, ice cream, cool drinks etc..,
  • Limit the refined cereals such as polished rice, maida, refined wheat flour, etc.
  • Limit the processed foods including noodles, pizza, burgers, etc..,
  • Limit the canned and preserved foods.

Limit all types of fats.

Most of us think that diabetes is only caused by the excess consumption of white sugar. However excess consumption of fats can also lead to insulin resistance.

  • Limit the intake of hydrogenated fats like vanaspati etc..,
  • Limit red meat like mutton, beef, prawns etc..,
  • Limit the intake of deep-fried items like poori, bajji, pakodi, etc..,
  • Limit the intake of saturated fats like coconut oil, palm oil, butter, etc..,

Eat healthy and balanced food.

A balanced diet contains all kinds of food groups in a limited quantity which satisfy human daily needs. A balanced diet can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Balanced food contain

  • Whole grains like Oats, Jowar, foxtail millet, little millet, kodo millet, and barnyard millet.
  • All kinds of vegetables and green leafy vegetables.
  • Legumes like beans, peas, broad beans, and pulses like Bengal gram, black gram, rajma, green gram, red gram, etc..,
  • Fruits should contain apple, guava, orange, papaya, kiwi, avocado, pears, white dragon fruit etc..,
  • Probiotic foods like curd, yogurt, etc..,
  • Nuts include almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, chia seeds, etc..,
  • Eat one egg daily, and have fish and chicken once a week.


As we discussed earlier, the foods you limit and include in your diet. Along with a balanced diet, small lifestyle corrections can help to lead a healthy life. This includes 7-8 hours of proper sleep, regular exercise, adequate amount of water consumption, meditation when you feel stressed, avoid more intake of alcohol can help to maintain a happy and healthy life.

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