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Alternative medicine is unconventional, yet an estimated 80% of people worldwide use it for healing from complex diseases. Wishealth aims to offer you alternative medicine that is all-natural and effective in treating your illnesses without any possible side effects.


Our law of healing is to address the root cause of the disease! Treating the root cause of a disease is a crucial step toward holistic healing. Wishealth we not just treat symptoms of a disorder but identify the root cause of it and provide natural and in-depth treatment.


We believe in working towards healing that sustains well-being! We customise treatments to cater to each individual's needs. We not only provide treatment for the illness but also take account of patients'


Dr Sudheer Reddy

Dr Sudheer Reddy is a reputed doctor with over 21 years of experience in the study and practice of homoeopathy. He worked as the Zonal Head for Dr Batra's Homeopathy Clinic, a corporate chain of more than 200 homeo-clinics worldwide. He also worked as the Head of Medical Services and Chief Operating Officer of Homeocare International, which has more than 50 branches spread across four states in India. He strongly believes that identifying and addressing the underlying root causes of disease whenever possible leads to the most positive and enduring health outcomes for patients. Dr Sudheer Reddy expertise in homoeopathy treatment aids him in his thorough analysis of the patient's health and treatment planning & treats the illness holistically & naturally. During his 21 years of Homeopathy practice, he has had successful outcomes for even the rarest and most complex medical cases faced by the healthcare industry today.

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    Asked Questions

    Traditional or classical homeopathy treatment searches for a constitutional or all-encompassing remedy to treat the whole person - body and soul leading to lifelong improved overall wellbeing.

    For centuries, Homeopathic treatments have established exceptional records for being risk-free. Homeopathy is even considered the safest choice for many challenging diseases.

    Here at Wishealth Homeopathy Clinic, we aim to solve the root cause of the disease, in turn helping the body to fight back on its own. This results in the complete reversal of the disease.

    Yes, homeopathic medicine can be taken with other drugs, herbs or supplements, as there are generally no known drug-to-drug interactions. However, it is suggested to have a 30-minute interval between them.

    Along with targeted medication, some necessary lifestyle and nutrition changes might be suggested for effective healing and overall wellbeing.

    As Homeopathy takes a holistic approach, the time taken for recovery generally depends on many factors of the body. Treatment taken from the early stages of the disease is generally known to have exceptionally faster results.