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    Autism Treatment Homeopathy

    Autism or autism spectrum disorders are a wide range of developmental disabilities that impacts a person’s capability to communicate, express themselves, comprehend the actions and expressions of others, and have low social skills. Autism might be a genetic or non-genetic disorder which affects a person before age 3 and lasts throughout a lifetime. Autism includes a number of other illnesses rather than a single ailment that have almost similar characteristics hence they are also known as Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    In this type of Autism, the person will be highly intelligent & verbally skilled, yet they will struggle with social interaction.

    It’s a genetic neurological & developmental condition that slows down the development of the brain by impairing language and motor skills. Female babies are the most affected ones.

    This type of Autism is marked by delayed verbal, social & motor skill development that appears later after 3 years of age.

    This kind of autism, also known as classic autistic disorder, is characterised by challenges while interacting with others, virtually no eye contact, and heightened sensitivity to stimuli (such as smell, light, noise, taste, or touch)

    This particular form of autism is distinguished by a lack of imagination and a limited number of repetitive interests & activities.

    Common Autism Symptoms

    • Delayed linguistic abilities
    • Delayed motor abilities
    • Delayed learning or cognitive abilities
    • A tendency towards impulsivity, hyperactivity, or inattention
    • Seizure disorder or epilepsy
    • Unusual sleeping and eating patterns
    • Gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation
    • Unusual emotional or mood changes

    What are some causes of Autism?

    Varied genes are involved in autism spectrum disorders. For example, in Rette syndrome ‘X’ chromosome gene is the cause, for other types of Autism, a genetic change(mutation) of genes associated with brain development can be the factor. A gene mutation can be hereditary or might occur during birth(spontaneously).


    How to diagnose Autism?

    The detection of Autism is difficult as there is no medical test or blood test to diagnose it. Developmental monitoring & screening since a child is born can be some diagnosis methods of Autism.


    What complications arise if Autism is left untreated?

    Autism left untreated alters how the brain functions, making it more challenging for an affected individual to regulate impulsive behaviour & think effectively about their actions. This may result in instances where persons with ASD are unable to live independently and take care of themselves.


    Parents should monitor their children since their birth to diagnose Autism. Check with a doctor if a child

    • After six months doesn’t respond with a smile or cheerful expression
    • By nine months, doesn’t imitate sounds or facial expressions
    • Not cooing or babbles by 12 months
    • Isn’t making gestures by 14 months, like pointing or waving
    • Has not spoken a word by the age of 16 months
    • By 18 months, does not engage in pretend play or “make-believe”
    • By 24 months, doesn’t use two-word phrases
    • Language or social skills are lost at any age

    What is Autism treatment homeopathy?

    At Wishealth the homeopathic treatment of an autistic person includes a thorough review of the family history, a case analysis that takes into account the child’s impaired behaviour, social skills, communication & speech, as well as a combination of safe medication doses, continuous behaviour monitoring & a healthy dietary supplements, are provided.

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