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Skin diseases are ailments/ symptoms that deeply affect your skin. Skin diseases are caused by different factors & some factors are inherited while others may be brought on by certain lifestyle choices. The symptoms of different skin diseases vary and so do the causes & treatments.

Types of skin diseases


Melanin, the pigment that gives skin, hair, and eyes their colours, gets reduced in vitiligo- a chronic skin disorder. Although it can affect any region of the body, the face, neck, hands, and arms are the most frequently affected areas. The quality of life and self-esteem of a person can be significantly impacted by vitiligo, despite the fact that it is neither communicable nor life-threatening.


Similar to Vitiligo, leucoderma is a disease that causes depigmentation, although it is typically brought on by recurrent chemical or physical harm. Although it is not communicable, once it is initiated, it may spread gradually. Leucoderma may not develop in every individual who is harmed, but it is possible if there is a hereditary or auto-immunological propensity that is aggravated by injury.



Fungal Infection

Fungal infection on the skin is also called mycosis. There are a lot of fungi that affect the skin thus causing infection. Different fungal infections occur in different temporal environments. Several forms of fungi can cause fungal infections, which can harm the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes among other body parts. Many prevalent fungus infections include:
A common fungal infection that primarily affects the spaces in between the toes of the feet is athlete’s foot. It results in the skin being red, itchy, and scaly.



Dermatitis, another name for eczema, is a persistent skin disorder that causes swelling and itching. The immune system reacts abnormally to a stimulus, such as irritants, allergens, stress, or changes in temperature, in this type of allergic reaction. Eczema often manifests as skin patches that are dry, itchy, red, and scaly. Although it can affect any part of the body, the face, neck, arms, and legs are the most frequently affected areas. Eczema can be so severe that the skin cracks, bleeds, and becomes infected. Eczema can happen to anyone & small children are typically the target.




Lichen Planus

A chronic inflammatory condition called lichen planus affects the skin, mucous membranes, hair, and nails. Little, distinct, polygonal, flat-topped papules that may develop into rough, scaly plaques are the hallmarks of this autoimmune condition. The lips, skin, nails, vulva, and vagina can all be affected by this skin disorder.


Symptoms differ disease wise but some are:

  • White patches that are flaky, scaly
  • Red or white spots
  • Dry, rashy skin
  • Soreness, irritation
  • Painful itching, stinging & more

What are some causes of skin diseases?

  • Genetics: Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, and Vitiligo can be hereditary & can pass down from parents
  • Allergic: Some diseases are caused by reactants like pollen grains, certain food products or medicines
  • Infections: Many skin conditions, such as acne, impetigo, and ringworm, can be brought on by bacterial, viral, or fungal infections
  • Environmental factors: Extreme climate conditions, pollutants and sunburns can also cause skin diseases
  • Hormonal changes: Sometimes the changes in hormones like estrogen and progesterone, during puberty or pregnancy can also lead to some skin changes
  • Poor nutrition: Deficiency of many vitamins & minerals or poor eating habits can also cause skin disease

How to diagnos?

The diagnosis of skin disease can be done by simply looking at your skin. Or a biopsy test is done which involves removing a small piece of skin & analysed it under a microscope.

Unpleasant sunburn, loss of hearing, stress and anxiety, depression, skin cancer risk, blisters bleed, itching, hair fall, alteration in scalp colour, loss or damage to nails & more.


If any of the above-mentioned symptoms occur in more than 10% of your body along with fever, and joint & muscle pain, do visit the doctor.


Skin diseases can be treated with effective lifestyle changes like maintaining hygiene, exercise and also with dietary modifications & medications. At Wishealth, skin diseases are treated effectively with holistic homoeopathy medications, customised diet & lifestyle plans that help reduce inflammations, rashes, swelling & other symptoms.

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