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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in India. Nowadays due to their busy life, people don’t know what they eat and how much they eat. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the causes of diabetes. There are 3 B’s in unhealthy lifestyle which consume excess leads to diabetes. That includes

Three B’s that cause diabetes include

  • Biryani 
  • Beer and beverage
  • Belly fat

How does biryani lead to diabetes?

The main ingredient in the biriyani is rice. The rice glycemic index is 72-76 based on the rice variety. This means that the rice glycemic index is higher which means that rice is easily digested and releases the sugar into the blood. which leads to an increase in the glucose load in the blood. When a person frequently more amount of biryani may have the chance of getting diabetes. And biryani also contains some saturated fatty acids which also leads to diabetes. The best way to include biryani is with less amount of rice and more amount of chicken and salad.

Does excess consumption of beer and beverages cause diabetes?

When we noticed the composition of beer and beverages, mostly contain 80% of carbohydrates. When a person consumes an excess amount of beer and beverages leads to an increase the blood glucose level. When the person’s blood glucose level is increased it leads to insulin resistance which is the primary reason for diabetes. Excess consumption of Beer and beverages can increase the cholesterol which further leads to fatty liver.

What is the relationship between belly fat and diabetes?

Belly fat is the fat that deposits around your abdomen. When a person consumes an excess amount of calories, the excess amount can be stored in fat cells which are mostly located in the abdominal region. This excess fat can lead to not proper functioning of insulin which leads to insulin resistance. Whenever the person has insulin resistance the sugar is not able to enter into the cell which remains in the blood. which leads to diabetes.


Excess consumption of biryani, beer, and beverages leads to diabetes, fatty liver, and cholesterol. Regular consumption of outside food leads to an unhealthy life. Every person can incorporate a balanced diet. Every food in a balanced amount can help get rid of all the diseases.

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