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Why Walking Is Important for Diabetes Reversal !!

We all know that diabetic people have more amounts of blood sugar levels as compared to normal people. Long duration of sitting after taking a meal can increase the risk of diabetic people. To lead a good life walking is important for diabetic people. But how much time a diabetic patients require to walk daily? And what is the best time for walking? And what are the don’ts while doing the walking? Have to know the diabetic patients. In the below discussion, do you know the answers?


How walking can help in diabetic reversal?


Walking is a simple form of exercise that easily incorporates diabetic people. While doing the walking insulin can be released from the pancreas. The insulin allows the sugar that is present in the blood to the cell. The cell can convert the sugar into energy for doing the walking. When we do any physical activity our body needs some energy to do the activity. Finally, sugar gets converted to energy while doing the walking and helps to reduce the sugar that is present in the blood.


How much time walking is good for diabetes patients?


According to the American diabetic association, daily 30 minutes of brisk walking at least five days a week is good for diabetic patients. If you don’t does the walking continuously for 30 minutes then divide 30 mins into small breaks Do 10 minutes of walking in the morning and 10 minutes in afternoon and 10 mins at evening.


Best time for walking in a day?


Most of the research studies show that morning walking is more beneficial compared to evening walking in diabetic patients. The people who the morning walk have good control of their sugar levels compared to evening walk patients. Research studies have observed that evening walking patients have greater food intake compared to the morning walk patient and their hba1c level is also increased. Finally, morning walking is more beneficial to diabetic people.


Precautions while doing the walking for diabetic patients.

Do not do the exercise, if your blood sugar is less than 100 mg/dl [or] greater than 250 mg/dl.
Must carry their own water bottle and blood glucose monitor.
Always wear proper footwear and walk on a proper surface
Check your foot after doing the exercise. If you have any injury to your foot, better to avoid walking.
 Never exercise at extreme temperatures.
Always have a carbohydrate snack while doing the exercise




Daily habit of walking can help to decrease the blood sugar level. Daily 30 minutes of walking can help to strengthen the bones, help in weight loss lower the blood pressure, and increase the heart and lung function. Walking also helps to keep the body throughout the day active. It also helps to decrease the stress. Daily 30 minutes of walking is beneficial to diabetic people for diabetes reversal.

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