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Generally, you all know onion dosa, masala dosa, egg dosa, and so on. Have you ever heard about this diabetes reversal protein dosa? Some diabetes people may try many recipes for diabetes reversal. However, they may not show much result to the diabetic people. This protein dosa may help diabetic people lower their blood sugar levels.


How does this protein dosa help in diabetes reversal?

Compared to carbohydrates, proteins take more time for digestion and as a result, the glucose is slowly released into the blood. Also, the protein helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity. As insulin sensitivity is increasing, the glucose uptake is also increasing. It can lead to less glucose in the blood.

Fiber -Fiber plays a major role in diabetes reversal. Fiber helps to reduce the digestion rate of food which leads to the slow release the sugars into the blood.

Calcium – Calcium helps to decrease the blood sugar level by releasing the insulin. When the glucose enters into the blood at that time calcium ions get activated and release the insulin into the blood.

Potassium – Potassium helps in the production of insulin. Sufficient amount of insulin can help to decrease the blood sugar level.

Zinc – Zinc acts as an antioxidant. As compared to normal people diabetic people have more oxidative stress. Zinc helps in decreasing the oxidative stress and helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity.

Other varieties of protein dosa.

Egg protein dosa: 

 The egg is the best source of protein. While making the dosa you add 1 egg to that and make it like an egg dosa.

Paneer protein dosa:

Cut the paneer into small pieces and roast it with a little bit of oil. Place the paneer on the dosa and roll it. Or you add graded paneer directly on the dosa. If you want spicy you also add some spices to this.

Vegetable protein dosa:

When you make the dosa, add some graded beetroot, carrot, and onion on top of the dosa.


As compared to the regular dosa, this protein dosa helps to decrease the blood glucose level. Along with protein, it contains the majority of the nutrients that are helpful for diabetes reversal.

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