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Is salt the only reason for high blood pressure?

If a person with high blood pressure, we all suggest he/she can take less amount of salt. Because we think that salt is the only reason for high blood pressure. But how many of you know that sugar can also cause high blood pressure? Yes, sugar is the main culprit causing high blood pressure. The high amount of sugar consumption can lead to high blood pressure.


What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the measurement of pressure put by the blood while flowing in the blood vessels. Blood pressure can measure by two readings.

  • Systolic blood pressure:
    •  It can be measured when the heart muscle gets contracted and releases blood into the blood vessels. It is the highest measurement of blood pressure.

  • Diastolic blood pressure 
  • It can be measured when heart muscles get relaxed and filled with blood. It is the lowest measurement of blood pressure.

Normal blood pressure: <120/80 mmHg

High blood pressure: >130/80 mmHg

How added sugar can cause high blood pressure?

In our body, the sugar can be monitored by the hormone called insulin. When a person consumes sugar, insulin gets activated and allows the sugar into the cell for energy. If a person can consume more amount of sugar more insulin will be produced. High insulin increases the cardiac output which leads to reabsorption of sodium which further leads to water reabsorption finally leads to high Blood pressure. High intake of sugar intake may also further lead to lifestyle disorders including obesity, diabetes, and heart attack.

How much sugar can take daily?

Most of us are confused about the sugar that is naturally present in food and the sugar that is added to the food. The sugar which is naturally present in food not harms us. But intake of more added sugar food causes harm to health.

According to the American Heart Association 

  • Men can consume less than 9 teaspoons (36 Gms) of added sugar per day.
  • Women, can consume less than 6 teaspoons (25 Gms) of added sugar per day.

100 ml of cool drink contains nearly 10 Gms of sugar.

1 tablespoon (15 Gms) of tomato ketchup contains nearly 4 Gms of sugar.

100 ml of packed fruit juices contain 9-11 Gms of sugar

100 Gms of chocolates contain nearly 30-40 Gms of sugar.

Diet tips for high blood pressure.

  • Reading food labels to know of added sugar. Along with the added sugar serving size is also important.
  • Eat foods containing potassium which balances the sodium levels. Most fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, and dairy products are good sources of potassium.
  • Nitrate-containing foods are also helpful in lowering blood pressure. Spinach, celery, beetroot, pomegranate, and cucumber are some of the sources of nitrates. Nitrates help to relax the blood vessels.
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Maintain a healthy weight(BMI –18.5-24.9kg/m2)
  • Have less amount of caffeine.
  • Including fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains can help in reducing high blood pressure.



Finally, reducing the intake of added sugar in the diet can reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure. Salt is not the only reason to cause high blood pressure, intake of more added sugar can increase the sodium levels in the blood, which leads to high blood pressure. So, we all are conscious about the intake of added sugar in our daily diet. Taking the proper food in the proper amount can help to lead a happy life.

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