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Early Autism Diagnosis – A Key to Better Outcomes

Challenges in forming and maintaining relationships with peers. Early identification of autism in children helps early support.

Autism differs in one child to another in symptoms,  severity and development pace. some common signs and behaviors may seen. The single sign may not indicate autism. Consult health care professionals to show concern about a child’s development.

Here are some signs to watch for social Interaction Avoiding Physical Contact, like hugging or cuddling, reacting negatively to touch or certain textures Becomes distressed when routines are disrupted Challenges in forming and maintaining relationships with peers. Delayed speech and language development Extremely sensitive to sensory stimuli like certain textures and lights.

Focusing intensely on specific interests

Gesture usage is limited to pointing or waving.

Hand flaps repetitively.

Insistence on sameness and routines.

Lack of communication skills

Language Regression:

A child who was developing language skills starts to lose previously acquired words or phrases.

Lack of interest in sharing enjoyment or activities.

Limited or no interest in playing with others, including parents.

Lack of pretend Play, difficulty in engaging in imaginative or pretend play.

Making and maintaining eye contact is difficult

Repetitive use of words or phrases (echolalia).

Repetitive Behaviors: engaging in repetitive motions like hand-flapping, rocking

Spinning objects repetitively.

Social and Emotional Awareness:

Understanding and responding to the emotions of others is difficult.

Difficulty in expressing their own emotions or responding appropriately to others’ emotions.

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